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    The photodimerization and its photochemical reversal of the pendent anthryl groups in 10-thiodecyl 2-anthryl ether (1) as a self-assembled monolayer on polycrystalline gold are evaluated as a photochromic surface fluorescence switch. Evidence for SAM-photoresponsiveness was gathered from surface fluorescence and surface reflectance infrared spectroscopic measurements in which changes in the monolayer were monitored before and after irradiation at 350 and 254 nm. Contact angle measurements confirmed the presence of a hydrophobic surface in the self-assembled monolayer Au-1. Electrochemical measurements of the resulting monolayer, before and after irradiation at 350 and 254 nm, indicate that the stable monolayers insulate the gold electrode from electrical contact with redox couples present in a contacting solution. These effects are interpreted by comparison with the solution phase photochemistry of the acetyl precursor of 1. [References: 35]
  • [专利] Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof
    (KR20160089951) According to an embodiment of the present invention, a liquid crystal display device comprises: a first insulating substrate having a pixel electrode; a second insulating substrate facing the first insulating substrate and having a common electrode; a first alignment layer disposed inside the first insulating substrate; a second alignment layer disposed inside the second insulating substrate; and a liquid crystal layer disposed between the first insulating substrate and the second insulating substrate, wherein the first alignment layer and the second alignment layer contain an additive, and the additive contains at least two reactive mesogens selected from the group consisting of the compounds represented by formula 1-1 to formula 1-15. In the formulas 1-4 to 1-15, x is each independently H, CH_3, (CH_2)_nCH_3, F, Br, I, OH, C_3H_7, NH_2 or CN; R is respectively, independently one selected from formula a; and n is an integer of 1-20.
  • [专利] 船舶压载水综合处理系统
  • [专利] Composite material part having a thermally and electrically conductive portion, and a method of fabricating such a part
    (US20160168441) A composite material part including reinforcement made of carbon fibers or yarns consolidated by an organic matrix. The part includes one or more thermally and electrically conductive portions in which the carbon fibers or yarns are free of matrix at least in part, the matrix-free carbon fiber or yarn portions being in contact with a material that is thermally and electrically conductive.
  • [专利] 全天然果汁啤酒及其生产工艺
  • [期刊] 以生态文明理念,积极探索内蒙古阴山南北部区域恢复草原路径
  • [专利] Method for producing honeycomb filter
    (WO201652461) Provided is a method for producing a honeycomb filter, said method making it possible to carry out degreasing and sintering in a short amount of time, creating no risk of damage to a honeycomb molded article, having low energy loss, and making it possible to produce a honeycomb filter efficiently and at low cost. This method for producing a honeycomb filter comprises: a molded article starting material preparation step in which a molded article starting material is prepared by mixing silicon carbide powder and a starting material composition that includes an organic additive including at least an organic binder; a molded article production step in which a honeycomb molded article is produced by extrusion molding the prepared molded article starting material; a degreasing step in which the produced honeycomb molded article is degreased in a perfect inert gas atmosphere; and a sintering step in which the degreased honeycomb molded article is sintered in a perfect inert gas atmosphere. Said method is characterized in that the degreasing step and the sintering step are carried out in one heating furnace.
  • [期刊] Conversing on Centuries, Computers, and Converting
    David J.Bentley; paper film and foil converter; V.75 N.1 2001; 22
  • [会议] Structural Change Detection Using Cyclic Analysis and Time Synchronous Averaging for Condition Monitoring of Rotating Machines
    Structural change detection has received increasing attention recently in the field of monitoring and prognosis of complex rotating machines. When dealing with non-stationary condition monitoring, it is difficult to design an accurate and reliable model based on the collected quasi-periodic signals. In this paper, we propose a novel method based on cyclic analysis and time synchronous averaging. First, we perform cyclic analysis to divide the original signal into individual cycles, and then perform time synchronous average to obtain a structural average cycle. Finally, structural change detection is made based on hypothesis testing. We evaluated the proposed method on an experimental setup and the experimental results demonstrated the effectiveness of the method under non-stationary machine operating conditions.
    关键词: Monitoring;Testing;Condition monitoring;Rotating machines;Statistical analysis;Mechanical engineering;Prognostics and health management
  • [期刊] 顶空气相色谱法同时测定一次性医疗器械产品中的环氧乙烷和2-氯乙醇的残留量