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  • [会议] High-resolution ADCs design in sensors
    摘要:This paper presents design considerations for high-resolution and high-linearity ADCs for biomedical imaging applications. The work discusses how to improve dynamic specifications such as Spurious Free Dynamic Range (SFDR) and Signal-to-Noise-and-Distortion Ratio (SNDR) in ultra-low power and high-resolution analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) including successive approximation register (SAR) for biomedical imaging application. The results show that with broad range of mismatch error, the SFDR is enhanced by about 10 dB with the proposed performance enhancement technique, which makes it suitable for high resolution image sensors sensing systems.
  • [会议] An Evaluation of Deep Spectral Mappings and WaveNet Vocoder for Voice Conversion
    摘要:This paper presents an evaluation of deep spectral mapping and WaveNet vocoder in voice conversion (VC). In our VC framework, spectral features of an input speaker are converted into those of a target speaker using the deep spectral mapping, and then together with the excitation features, the converted waveform is generated using WaveNet vocoder. In this work, we compare three different deep spectral mapping networks, i.e., a deep single density network (DSDN), a deep mixture density network (DMDN), and a long short-term memory recurrent neural network with an autoregressive output layer (LSTM-AR). Moreover, we also investigate several methods for reducing mismatches of spectral features used in WaveNet vocoder between training and conversion processes, such as some methods to alleviate oversmoothing effects of the converted spectral features, and another method to refine WaveNet using the converted spectral features. The experimental results demonstrate that the LSTM-AR yields nearly better spectral mapping accuracy than the others, and the proposed WaveNet refinement method significantly improves the naturalness of the converted waveform.
  • [会议] An experimental study on moisture distribution and a way of mitigating condensation in a bedroom with a radiation-based task air conditioning system applied to sleeping environments
    摘要:Task/ambient air condition system (TAC) is an excellent air conditioning method because of good performance in thermal comfort, indoor air quality and energy saving, and can be best applied to sleeping environments due to the immobility of a sleeping person. Previously, an R-TAC system for sleeping environments was proposed to deal with the cold-draft problem encountered in C-TAC systems for sleeping environments. However, the potential risk of condensation should not be ignored when using R-TAC systems due to the cold radiant panel. Therefore, a follow-up experimental study on indoor moisture distribution and a way of mitigating condensation in a bedroom when using R-TAC systems was carried out, and are presented in this paper. Firstly, two different settings of the R-TAC system are described. Secondly, moisture distributions in the bedroom, and condensation thresholds of moisture content of the supply air are analyzed and compared at two settings. The experimental results showed that vertical and horizontal moisture distributions in the bedroom were not greatly affected by the height of the supply vent, however, the R-TAC system at Setting 2 performed better in reducing condensation risk as compared with Setting 1.
  • [会议] IoLT: An IoT based Collaborative Blended Learning Platform in Higher Education
    摘要:Education is essential things that helps a person to become good human beings. In developed countries, many research works are ongoing to enhance their education policy and techniques in education sector. For this reason, a lot of efforts are needed to enhance individual learning materials for teachers and students in the developing countries. To consider this, we propose an educational platform named intelligence of learning things (IoLT). It is an internet of things based blended learning approach which can enhance traditional education system with innovative learning strategies and technologies. In this platform, different devices and application can use to collaborate and share their ideas with stakeholders (e.g., teachers and students) through the system using IoT. Thus, our proposed model can ensure to get more smarter and efficient approaches than traditional approaches.
  • [会议] Weighted estimation of information diffusion probabilities for independent cascade model
    摘要:In recent years, social networks have become popular among Internet users, and various studies have been performed on analysis of such networks. One of the important issues in analyzing social networks is information diffusion analysis. In this context, users' behavior is assumed to be influenced by other social network users. Several models have been designed to simulate and analyze how information is disseminated in social networks. In this paper, we study the problem of learning the diffusion probabilities for the independent cascade model. We first outline the importance of the subject, and then we propose a method to estimate diffusion probabilities. In this method, we assign a weight to each individual diffusion sample of each link in the network based on its parameters. We propose two weighting schemes to consider the different effects of diffusion samples. Then, we evaluate our method for learning diffusion probabilities with the help of several datasets and present the results. Also, the method presented in this paper is compared with other methods in terms of mean absolute error and training time.
  • [会议] Governing Dynamics of Crude Oil and LNG Prices
    摘要:Crude oil pricing models are frequently studied in energy economics through classical linear regression models subject to various limitations (e.g., normality, stationarity) and diagnostic evidence (e.g., information criterion Occams razor principle). In contrast to conventional practices, sparse identification approach makes a breakthrough in economic analysis by eliminating the vast majority of fundamental assumptions of regression models and supporting noise bound control. This paper proposes a method for modeling the governing dynamics of crude oil and LNG prices by utilizing a bundle (set) of potential inputs. The modeling approach generates a sparse network that models the influences of various factors and also considers the structural breaks in multiple factors. The study is designed on two response variables: Crude oil prices (West Texas Intermediate-WTI, Cushing OK, Dollars per Barrel, monthly averages) and LNG prices (Mont Belvieu TX, Dollars per Gallon, monthly averages). Numerical results reflect the spillover between crude oil and LNG prices driven by substitution in various uses and products (e.g., power systems, generators, petrochemicals such as ethylene resins). In contrast to former studies, sparse network identification prefers S&P500 stock market index to represent inflationary component rather than traditional price indices or interest rates. Also, the structural break parameter captures the change in the U.S. oil export regime which can be utilized for re-echoing the analogy of regime shift in future studies.
  • [会议] Research on Ion Beam Figuring System with Five-Axis Hybrid Mechanism for Complex Optical Surface
    摘要:Ion beam figuring technology is ultra-high precision optical processing method. This paper introduces the independent FSGJ800-IBF five axis ion beam figuring equipment. According to the requirement of ion beam motion system dynamic performance of complex optical surface ion beam figuring, the design and control scheme of 3-RPS+XY mobile platform based on hybrid mechanism form five axis motion system was finished. Firstly, the radio frequency (RF) ion beam source was use in this machine. The Ion Beam Figuring System with Five-Axis Hybrid Mechanism was introduced especially the 3-RPS parallel mechanism. The process of polishing complex optical curved surface by ion beam is analyzed. The most close to the spherical surface processing strategy based on the experiments of high gradient lens was done. The aperture of the lens is 44mm and the R/# is 0.705, after a round of ion beam polishing, surface error of optical components RMS from the initial 0.019 lambda (lambda =632.8nm) converges to 0.006 lambda. The experiments verified the availability of the Five-Axis Hybrid Mechanism for high precision complex optical surface error correction.
  • [会议] On Regression Losses for Deep Depth Estimation
    摘要:Depth estimation from a single monocular image has reached great performances thanks to recent works based on deep networks. However, as various choices of losses, architectures and experimental conditions are proposed in the literature, it is difficult to establish their respective influence on the performances. In this paper we propose an in-depth study of various losses and experimental conditions for depth regression, on NYUv2 dataset. From this study we propose a new network for depth estimation combining an encoder-decoder architecture with an adversarial loss. This network reaches top scores in the competitive evaluation of NUYv2 dataset while being simpler to train in a single phase.
    摘要:The term "culture" speaks to an arrangement of qualities, moral standards, considering and acting models that are acknowledged by a collectivity and decide the given social gathering to act unmistakably from other social gatherings. The issue of association culture is all the time examined in connection to evolution. The normal origination is that a business enterprise culture strongly affects progress. An association culture that makes esteem assumes regard for individuals and administrations which not just fulfil the buyer's needs, yet in addition outperform them. Customary training has contributed significantly to the present levels of mechanical progress and innovative headway. Nonetheless, all together for advanced education to convey future ages with the correct arrangement of abilities and learning; a basic inquiry must be asked in regard to how advanced education organizations would be influenced by the fourth modern transformation and how the conveyance of training will be changed. There are diverse open doors accessible that will shape the part which can be embraced by advanced education in the fourth mechanical upset. Consolidating the quality of the customary advanced education with the expanding pattern speaks to essential strides to scale quality instruction that would change worldwide advanced education.
  • [会议] Exploring commercial UAV market evolution from customer requirements elicitation to collaborative supply network management
    摘要:This work underlines a methodology for identifying and developing innovative solutions for the commercial exploitation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) as well as for identifying the competences required for fulfilling the customers' requirements and thus the profile of the industrial and public actors to be involved in a drone competence center. First of all, it is necessary to better understanding the evolution of UAV commercial applications in order to understand which opportunities can be grasped. In parallel it is also fundamental identifying which critical success factors are required, both at the technological and organizational level, to effectively compete in this complex and growing market. A literature review allowed to identify the main aspects to be investigated, then a survey has been conducted involving companies already operating in the UAV sector in order to elicit the market opportunities, in terms of type of missions, as well as the key elements of the product and service offer. The competences required for offering innovative solutions in the UAV market have also been mapped. Moreover, the level of collaboration among the various players involved in the UAV markets has been explored. This survey provides seed information for the development of the whole methodology and its implementation for specific types of UAV missions, in particular in this work will be explored its role in the definition of a QFD analysis linking customer generic requirements with technical features of UAV products and services required for satisfying them.