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  • [期刊] 'Our distrust is very expensive'
    For those interested in the development of banking and bank regulation in the UK over the last four decades, three trends are remarkable. First, from the 1970s the banking system has become less stable, certainly in comparison with the 25 to 30-year period after the second world war. That earlier period of stability in banking ended in December 1973 when the secondary banking crisis broke, part of a wave of banks failures in 1973 and 1974. Globally, there were an estimated 147 banking crises between 1970 to 2011, a period which included the global financial crisis of 2007-09. The journalist Martin Wolf has opined that "The age of financial liberalisation has, in short, been an age of financial crises."
  • [期刊] Synthesis and biological evaluation of ester prodrugs of benzafibrate as orally active hypolipidemic agents
    A series of bezafibrate ester prodrugs 1-7 were synthesized and evaluated for hypolipidemic activity in Swiss Albino mice (SAM). Bezafibrate (1a), a hypolipidemic drug was used as a reference compound for data comparison. Among the synthesized compounds, prodrug 7 showed superior activities in decreasing triglyceride up to 30% in mice plasma after oral administration of 50 mg/kg/day for 8 days. Prodrugs 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7 were found to be more lipophilic than bezafibrate (1a), indicated by partition coefficients measured in octanol-buffer system at pH 7.4. On the basis of in vivo studies, prodrug 7 emerged as new potent hypolipidemic agent.
  • [会议] Closed Stability-Margined Regions for the Second-Order System with Robust Stability
    This paper generalizes the dented stability triangles for the second-order recursive digital system such that the borderlines of the dented stability triangles are included in the stability-margined (SM) region. This generalization enables the system designer to formulate the second-order system design more easily. More specifically, the existing inequalities for guaranteeing a specified stability margin are the inequalities that exclude the boundaries (borderlines) of the dented SM-regions, while this paper presents two sets of new inequalities that include the borderlines of the SM-regions and thus such inequalities produce a closed SM-region. In other words, the existing SM-regions are defined by using "less than" inequalities, while the new inequalities are "less than or equal to" inequalities. The added "equal to" constraints produces a closed region that includes borderlines in the SM-region. It is found that the resulting closed SM-regions are more convenient and more suitable for designing the second-order recursive system with robust stability.
    关键词: Circuit stability;Robust stability;IEEE Regions;Conferences;System analysis and design;Signal processing;Transfer functions
  • [期刊] DME acquires Oklahoma helium project
    Desert Mountain Energy Corp. (DME) has completed the acquisition of the Kight Gilcrease Sant Unit (KGSU) oil and gas project which it hopes will lead to an expansion of its helium exploration activities.
  • [期刊] ABS launches research project into propeller efficiency
    ABS and the Shanghai Merchant Ship Design & Research Institute (SDARI) have announced a two-year joint research and development project into a energy saving device to enhance the propeller efficiency on a bulk carrier. The add-on device that ABS and SDARI are looking into has the potential to reduce both the greenhouse gas emissions and lower fuel consumption, say ABS. "We will use computational fluid dynamics (CFD) technology to analyse the flow field and specifically look to see if the device developed by SDARI does indeed create more efficiency by equalising the wake quality and recovering certain rotation energy", explains Sing Kwan Lee, ABS principle engineer.
  • [期刊] Hydrodynamic drag force on porous sphere(s) moving in a Newtonian fluid: Two case studies
    This paper is the first to evaluate numerically the hydrodynamic forces that apply in two case studies that involve a Newtonian fluid and three in-line spheres (case 1) and a sphere that moves in a circular cell (case 2). The hydrodynamic interactions between the spheres in case 1 or between the central sphere and the surrounding spherical wall in case 2 can be ignored at beta (=d(f)/2 root k, where d(f) and k are the diameter and permeability of the sphere, respectively) <0.5 (no-sphere limit), and the effects of interior flow in the sphere can be ignored at beta>50 (solid sphere limit). At 0.52, in neither case 1 nor case 2 can a steadily moving system form; in the former case, sweep coagulation-like behavior occurs, and in the latter, zone settling-like behavior occurs. (C) 2019 Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers. Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
  • [期刊] Enantiodivergent alpha-Amino C-H Fluoroalkylation Catalyzed by Engineered Cytochrome P450s
    The introduction of fluoroalkyl groups into organic compounds can significantly alter pharmacological characteristics. One enabling but underexplored approach for the installation of fluoroalkyl groups is selective C(sp(3))-H functionalization due to the ubiquity of C-H bonds in organic molecules. We have engineered heme enzymes that can insert fluoroalkyl carbene intermediates into alpha-amino C(sp(3))-H bonds and enable enantiodivergent synthesis of fluoroalkyl-containing molecules. Using directed evolution, we engineered cytochrome P450 enzymes to catalyze this abiological reaction under mild conditions with total turnovers (TTN) up to 4070 and enantiomeric excess (ee) up to 99%. The iron-heme catalyst is fully genetically encoded and configurable by directed evolution so that just a few mutations to the enzyme completely inverted product enantioselectivity. These catalysts provide a powerful method for synthesis of chiral organofluorine molecules that is currently not possible with small-molecule catalysts.
  • [会议] Numerical solution of problem of electromagnetic wave diffraction by a perfectly conducting body of small thickness
    The problem of electromagnetic wave diffraction by perfectly conducting body of small thickness is considered. The classic model, based on the solution of the boundary value problem for the Maxwell equations by the method of boundary integral equations is used. The authors applied an approach, based on reducing the problem to integral equations with hypersingular integrals in the sense of the Hadamard finite value. These equations are solved numerically using the methods of piecewise constant approximations and collocations. The numerical experiment shows that in the case of objects with a small bodily thickness, to improve the accuracy of the numerical solutions, it is necessary to improve the accuracy of calculating the integrals with weak singularity. We used the quadrature formulas, based on the additional splitting of main surface mesh cells into smaller cells and smoothing of singularity of integrand function in small neighborhood of the singular point.
    关键词: Integral equations;Electromagnetics;Springs;Magnetic domains;Radiation effects;Electromagnetic scattering;Conductors
  • [期刊] Dark web vendors seek to capitalise on continuing EU migration crisis
    In mid-2018 two vendors began to sell EU asylum access and medical and police identification cards on Undermarket, a dark web market that hosts vendors selling drugs, fraudulent credit cards, hacking services, and other illicit goods. A survey of open web sites by Jane's found multiple comments by users questioning the reliability of Undermarket as a site, with many claiming that it was a scam. Undermarket is much smaller than first-tier aggregate markets such as Dream Market and the likelihood of scamming is high. However, Jane's did not attempt to verify the services on offer on Undermarket.
  • [期刊] Comparison of Two Models of Family-Based Treatment for Childhood Obesity:A Pilot Study
    Background: Family-based weight loss treatment (FBT) for childhood obesity, the current "gold standard," is typically provided in weekly groups for 6 months. Although this program is considered effective, it poses limitations to treatment engagement, due to time commitment and lack of widespread availability. A guided self-help version of FBT (gshFBT; eleven 20-minute sessions and one 1-hour over 5 months) was developed to circumvent such limitations. The current study examined the comparative efficacy of a 5-month FBT and gshFBT program.Methods: Participants included 50 parent-child dyads enrolled in FBT between 2011 and 2013 and 50 parent-child dyads enrolled in gshFBT between 2009 and 2010. Data were collected at baseline, posttreatment, and 6-month follow-up. Noninferiority analyses were conducted to assess comparative efficacy of changes in parent and child weight status, child nutrition, child physical activity, and drop-out.Results: Results indicated that gshFBT was noninferior to FBT in changes in child BMI z-score, overweight parent BMI, child nutritional intake, child vigorous physical activity, and drop-out. Results did not support noninferiority for changes in moderate to vigorous physical activity.Conclusions: gshFBT is less intensive, more flexible, and may be similarly effective to FBT and could reach a greater proportion of the pediatric overweight population. Further research, including a randomized clinical trial, is needed to confirm these results.