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  • [专利] Monitoring and diagnosing water flooded reservoirs
    (EP2872736) The present disclosure describes systems and methods for monitoring and diagnosing reservoirs. At least some illustrative embodiments include a method that includes collecting measured near-wellbore data representative of conditions at or near wells within the reservoir (e.g., oil and gas wells), storing the measured near-wellbore data in one or more databases and graphically presenting to a user simulated interwell data generated by a reservoir simulation based at least in part on the measured near-wellbore data. The method further includes graphically overlaying at least some of the measured near-wellbore data over the simulated interwell data and graphically presenting to the user one or more production indicators calculated based at least in part on the simulated interwell data. (From US2014039860 A1)
  • [专利] Reclosable package or bag with scented zipper
    (EP2834158) The disclosure relates to a zipper (10) for a reclosable pack¬ age (100) wherein the zipper (10) includes fragrance-carrying oil with¬ in an internal zipper volume or storage volume thereby confining the scent while the zipper (10) and the package (100) are closed. When the zipper (10) is opened, the scent is allowed to escape to the con¬ sumer. (From WO2013151572 A1)
  • [专利] Method for identifying layers providing corrosion protection in crude oil fractions
    (EP2917722) A method for determining and identifying corrosion protective layers that provide corrosion protection against crude oils and crude oil fractions is disclosed. The method identifies naturally occurring constituents in crude oils that indirectly provide corrosion protection. A method assessing the potential of these constituents is also disclosed. The method includes exposing metal coupons with the crude oil or crude fraction of interest at the expected operating temperature of concern. The corrosion potential assessment further analyzes the exposed coupons with transmission electron microscopy and an additional high temperature exposure that challenges the tenacity of the protection offered by the corrosion protective layer. (From US9140640 B2)
  • [专利] Pipe running tool
    (EP1171683) A pipe running tool for use in an oil drilling system and the like comprises a lower drive shaft adapted to engage a drive shaft of a top drive assembly for rotation therewith. The pipe running tool further includes a lower pipe engagement assembly which is driven to rotate by the lower drive shaft, and is designed to releasably engage a pipe segment in such a manner to substantially prevent relative rotation between the two. Thus, when the lower pipe engagement assembly is actuated to securely hold a pipe segment, the top drive assembly may be actuated to rotate the top drive output shaft, which causes the lower drive shaft and lower pipe engagement assembly to rotate, which in turn rotates the pipe segment. (From US7096977 B2)
  • [专利] Solar thermal and bigcc-integrated hybrid power generation system
    (EP3130779) A solar thermal and BIGCC-integrated hybrid power generation system comprising a solar energy concentrating collector system (9), biomass gasification equipment (1), a gas-fired electric generator (7), a steam turbine (13), and a steam electric generator (14). The solar energy concentrating collector system (9) is connected to a solar energy heat exchange system (11). The biomass gasification equipment (1) is connected to the gas-fired electric generator (7) via a gas compressor (3), a combustion chamber (5), and a gas turbine (6). An output of the gas turbine (6) is simultaneously connected to a gas residual heat system (8). A low-pressure steam output of the gas residual system (8) is connected to a medium/low-pressure cylinder of the steam turbine (13). A high-pressure steam output of the gas residual system (8) and high-pressure steam produced by the solar energy heat exchange system (11) are both connected to a steam mixture regulating system (12). An output of the steam mixture regulating system (12) is connected to a high-pressure cylinder of the steam turbine (13). By means of the steam mixture regulating system, mixture of steams of different temperatures is implemented, and the temperature of the mixed steam is regulated and controlled, thus satisfying steam requirements of a variable parameter steam turbine.
  • [专利] Solid-liquid separation of oil-based muds
    (EP1673417) This invention relates to a method of achieving a solid-liquid separation of an oil-based mud comprising the step of contacting said oil-based mud with a water-in-oil emulsion comprising a polymer derived from at least one water-soluble monomer, where the polymer is not dissolved prior to contact with the oil-based mud, mixing the water-in-oil emulsion and the oil-based mud and separating the solid phase from the liquid phase in the oil-based mud. In addition, this invention also relates to a composition comprising an oil-based mud with a water-in-oil emulsion comprising a polymer derived from at least one water-soluble monomer, wherein the polymer is not dissolved prior to contact with the oil-based mud. (From US7338608 B2)
  • [专利] Reaction products of alkoxylated sorbitol or sorbitan ester with dicarboxylic acids as demulsifiers
    (EP2758143) The invention relates to novel demulsifiers for use in the demulsification of oils from water and vice versa, including the demulsification of crude oil from sea water or brine. In particular, the present invention relates to novel demulsifiers which are environmentally friendly, or ‘green’, and which can be used without restriction on-site in offshore oil drilling fields, for example in the North Sea. The novel demulsifiers are based on the reaction product of alkoxylated polyols or polyol esters with dicarboxylic acids. (From US2014228456 A1)
  • [专利] Measuring device and method for measuring the electrical conductivity of a flowing fluid
    (EP3182107) The Invention concerns a Measuring Device and a Procedure for the Measurement of the electrical Conductivity of a flowing Fluid, consisting of a Basis Sensor with Measuring Electronics, whereby the Basis Sensor exhibits an External Electrode connected designed as electrically leading Tubing Section with an Earth Potential, in which one of the Fluid flowed around Interior Electrode is arranged, which exhibits a Utilizable Electrode, which is connected with a Measuring Potential for Measuring Signal Collection, and which isolates at least one from the Utilizable Electrode arranged Screen Electrode enclosure, which is connected for the Measuring Potential for the Production of a suitable electrical Field Distribution with a corresponding, but by the Measuring Potential independent, Screen Potential. The Basis Sensor exhibits at least one of the Fluid flowed around Unloading Electrode, which is electrically leading connected with the External Electrode for the Derivative of electrical Loads.
  • [专利] Thermodynamic installation with improved lubrication.
    (EP2221559) The installation has lubricant receptacles (100) receiving lubricant i.e. lubricating oil, from low pressure and high pressure compressors (1, 2). A selective circulation unit permits circulation of the lubricant between the compressors in an operating situation of the installation such that difference in pressure between the receptacles of the compressors exists. The circulation unit has a pipe with manifolds connecting the receptacles between them. The circulation unit includes an electrovalve (55) for selectively opening and closing circulation of the lubricant between the compressors. An independent claim is also included for a method for favorising circulation of lubricant between compressors of a thermodynamic installation.
  • [专利] Martensite-based chromium-containing steel, and steel pipe for oil well
    (EP3095886) A martensitic Cr-containing steel having excellent corrosion resistance, SSC resistance, and IGHIC resistance is provided. A martensitic Cr-containing steel according to the present invention includes: a chemical composition consisting of, by mass%, Si: 0.05 to 1.0%, Mn: 0.1 to 1.0%, Cr: 8 to 12%, V: 0.01 to 1.0%, sol. Al: 0.005 to 0.10%, with the balance being Fe and impurities, wherein an effective Cr amount defined by "Cr - 16.6 x C" is not less than 8%, and an Mo equivalent defined by "Mo + 0.5 x W" is 0.03 to 2%; a micro-structure wherein a grain size number of prior-austenite crystal grain is not less than 8.0, and which consists of, in volume fraction, 0 to 5% of ferrite, 0 to 5% of austenite, with the balance being tempered martensite; and a yield strength of less than 379 to 551 MPa, wherein a grain-boundary segregation ratio of Mo and W is not less than 1.5.