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  • [专利] Hydraulic powerpack
    (JP2017067025) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: The oil of large flow cannot be supplied to the actuator. SOLUTION: Hydraulic powerpack of this invention, the 1st pump and the 2nd pump and, the 1st pump and the 1st motor which drives the 2nd pump respectively and the 2nd motor and, the oil which is spat out from the 1st pump and the pressure detection expedient which detects the pressure of the oil which is spat out from the 2nd pump and, the oil which is spat out from the 1st pump and has with the flow detection expedient which detects the flow of the oil which is spat out from the 2nd pump and the 1st motor and the control means which control the 2nd motor respectively, the oil which is spat out from the 1st pump and flowing together the oil which is spat out from the 2nd pump, supplies outsideBeing something which can take with 1 states and a 2nd state where the oil which when emission pressure of the 2nd pump has been smaller than emission pressure of the 2nd pump in 1st state is spat out from the 1st pump is supplied outside, control means, when being driven with 1st state, change to 2nd state from 1st state on the basis of with the pressure which pressure detection expedient detects and the flow which flow detection expedient detects.
  • [专利] Low temperature heat recovery system
    (JP2016160868) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a low temperature heat recovery system capable of running under rated operations early in a two-phase flow turbine and a generator from beginning of operation of an engine.SOLUTION: A low temperature heat recovery system comprises: a specific hydraulic mechanism 9; and a specific organic medium low temperature heat recovery mechanism. The system is provided with a bypass line 14b disposed in a normal transfer line 14 for transferring an organic medium to a two-phase flow nozzle 51, to transfer the organic medium not to the two-phase nozzle 51 but to a condenser 7, and is constituted to transfer the organic medium to the two-phase flow nozzle 51 through the normal transfer line 14 when a starting temperature condition of a two-phase flow turbine 52 is satisfied, and to transfer the organic medium to the condenser 7 through the bypass line 14b when the starting temperature condition is not satisfied. A raising speed of an organic medium temperature in a first heat exchanger 3 is increased by operating the specific hydraulic mechanism 9, so as to reduce the number of times of transferring the organic medium to the condenser 7 through the bypass line 14b.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1
  • [专利] Gases style inside oil decantation methods and device
    (JP2015501400) In this process, a gas stream containing the oil to be separated is circulated between an inlet zone and an outlet zone, and a calm vacuum zone is created where the oil is recovered and evacuated, after having been captured. According to the invention, the gas stream is passed in contact with a porous media, one face of which is in contact with the calm vacuum zone. The drops of oil are thus captured by the porous media and sucked through this media to arrive in the calm zone. This process is applicable to decanters of oil at impacters and also to cyclone separators, in particular in the automotive field. (From US9345998 B2)
  • [专利] The chemical compound which offers the systemic characteristic anti- inflammation reaction, operates with the plural professional star Glan gin receptors
    (JP6132853) The present invention provides a compound that is represented by the following general formula wherein R1, R2, R4, R5, R6, R7, X, W, X and Y are as defined in the specification. The compounds may be administered to treat DP1, FP, EP1, TP and/or EP4 receptor mediated diseases or conditions. (From US9035071 B2)
  • [专利] Laser cleaning method
    (JP2015217427) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a laser cleaning method suitable for the removal of moisture and oil contents adhering to a metal cutting face after machine work or of a DLC coating film.SOLUTION: The invention is a cleaning method for scanning a cleaning object surface while being irradiated with pulse laser beams. The irradiation spot diameter of a laser beam of the cleaning object is magnified above that of a reference energy intensity region on the center side, and a further thermal influential region is set outside of the irradiation spot diameter. Firstly, the cleaning object surface is primarily treated only with regions (including the thermal influential region) outside of the reference energy intensity region. Afterwards, a primarily treated region is secondarily treated by scanning only the inside reference energy intensity region.
  • [专利] Body lifting state display device for dump truck
    (JP5694975) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To allow easy recognition of the angle of inclination of a body.SOLUTION: A dump truck 1 includes a body 12, hoist cylinders 15 for lifting the body 12 up and down, a hoist lever 21, and a CCU 22 for elongating/contracting the hoist cylinders 15. The dump truck 1 further includes a body lifting state notification device 2 having a body angle sensor 16 and an IDU 26. The CCU 22 calculates an angle of inclination from the state that the body 12 is seated on a vehicle body 11, as a rate to a turnable range defined between the state that it is seated and a body-up shockless position, on the basis of a turning angle detected by the body angle sensor 16. The IDU 26 displays the angle of inclination calculated by the CCU 22 to be zero percent when the body 12 is seated, and displays the angle of inclination calculated by the CCU 22 to be 100 percent when at the body-up shockless position.
  • [专利] Discharge electrode of electrostatic precipitator for Diesel engine flue gas treatment
    (JP2017000952) Provided is a discharge electrode such that, even if there is an increase in the outer diameter of a trapping tube of a tubular trapping part of an electrostatic precipitator for treating diesel engine exhaust gas, the placement of electrode needles relative to a primary electrode can be set appropriately at a prescribed density, the electrode needles can be reduced in weight and maintained in shape, and the discharge electrode is effective in high-temperature countermeasures. The invention is characterized in having a tubular trapping part that comprises a primary electrode and a discharge electrode for electrifying particulate matter contained in exhaust gas of a diesel engine that uses heavy oil, and a dust-collecting electrode for trapping the electrified particulate matter; the discharge electrode of the diesel engine exhaust gas treatment device, in which tubular trapping modules short in axial length and differing in diameter are disposed in a plurality of levels in the tubular trapping part, being configured such that short discharge electrode needles or low-height saw-blade-shaped discharge electrode plates are radially arranged on the outer periphery of a cylindrical discharge electrode support pipe mounted on the outer periphery of the primary electrode. (From WO2016199652 A1)
  • [专利] Hydraulic power steering device
    (JP2015150899) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a hydraulic power steering device capable of suppressing variation in actual valve opening of a hydraulic control valve when a hand release is made from nearby a rack end.SOLUTION: An angle deviation arithmetic part 65 computes a deviation Δθv between a valve opening command value θv* set by a valve opening command value setting part 63 and an actual rotation angle θv of a valve driving motor 15. A PID control part 66 performs a PID operation on the angle deviation Δθv computed by the angle deviation arithmetic part 65 so as to computes a current command value I. A PI control part 69 controls the valve driving motor 15 so that a motor current I approximates the current command value I. When a hand release determination part 73 determines a state of a hand release from nearby a rack end, a control responsiveness decrease part 74 decreases and corrects control gains Kp, Ki, and Kd of the PID control part 66.
  • [专利] Warm-up acceleration apparatus of vehicular engine
    (JP6065430) PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To suppress the deterioration in fuel consumption when a warm-up device is used.SOLUTION: A warm-up acceleration apparatus 20 of a vehicular engine 1 for accelerating warm-up of the vehicular engine 1 comprises: a generator 21 driven by the vehicular engine 1; a warm-up device 22 to which electric power generated by the generator 21 is supplied and which warms intake air, cooling water, or oil of the vehicular engine 1; motoring state detection means 14 for detecting a motoring state of the vehicular engine 1 in which an amount of fuel injection becomes zero; and control means 19 for making the generator 21 generate electricity and activating the warm-up device 22 when the motoring state of the vehicular engine 1 is detected by the motoring state detection means 14.
  • [专利] Rubber component and its production method for development roll
    (JP2015156330W) It is an object of the present invention to provide a development roll rubber member that has a uniformly roughened surface on a rubber member surface, that is capable of ensuring a sufficient thickness without contaminating a peripheral portion while maintaining a flexibility in a coating layer and a convex portion without impairing softness of a rubber substrate layer, and that has the coating layer achieving non-tackiness and low friction, and a method of manufacturing the same, and the object is achieved by putting a reactive silicone oil, an isocyanate compound, and a diluent solvent capable of dissolving both the reactive silicone oil and the isocyanate compound into a reaction container, by causing a prepolymerization reaction in which the reactive silicone oil and the isocyanate compound are reacted into a polymerized state in the diluent solvent in the reaction container while dissolution in the solvent is maintained, by subsequently mixing a polyol and an isocyanate compound solution and using silicone rubber particles 101 to prepare an application liquid of a coating layer 13 component, and by applying and curing the application liquid around the development roll 1 for formation. (From EP3130963 A1)