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  • [专利] Discharge machine
    (KR20160030050) Provided is a discharge machine which changes the specific resistance of a processing solution by allowing the processing solution to flow in a processing solution circulation path having an ion exchange device. The discharge machine comprises: a specific resistance detection unit which detects the specific resistance of the processing solution; a water flow time measuring unit which measures the time where the processing solution flows to the oil exchange device; and a determination unit which determines that the ion exchange device reaches the service life thereof if the change of the specific resistance within a certain time is out of a predetermined setting range.
  • [专利] Electric brake system
    (KR20160122993) Disclosed is an electronic brake system. According to an aspect of the present invention, the electronic brake system includes: a reservoir storing oil; a master cylinder which is coupled to the reservoir to receive oil while having first and second hydraulic ports; a pedal displacement sensor which senses the displacement of a brake pedal; and a simulation unit which is connected to the master cylinder to provide a reaction force in accordance with the power of the brake pedal. The electronic brake system also includes: a hydraulic pressure supply device which outputs an electrical signal through the pedal displacement sensor when the brake pedal is operated to drive a motor and convert the rotation of the motor to linear movement; a hydraulic pressure control unit which is connected to the hydraulic pressure supply device through a hydraulic pressure flow path, receives the hydraulic pressure generated by the hydraulic pressure supply device, and controls the flow of the hydraulic pressure being transmitted to a wheel cylinder arranged on each vehicle wheel; and an electronic control unit which controls the motor and valves based on the hydraulic pressure information and pedal displacement information. The hydraulic pressure control unit includes: first to fourth inlet valves which are arranged on the individual upstream parts of the wheel cylinder to control the hydraulic pressure being transferred to the wheel cylinder installed on each vehicle wheel; first to fourth dump valves individually controlling the flow of the hydraulic pressure being discharged from the wheel cylinder; and first and second balance valves. The first balance valve is arranged between the inlet and dump valves and connects or cuts off two wheel cylinders having the first and second inlet valves connected thereto. The second balance valve connects or cuts off the two wheel cylinders having the third and fourth inlet valves connected thereto. COPYRIGHT KIPO 2016
  • [专利] Foundation structure
    (KR101537106) The present invention relates to a foundation structure, and more specifically, relates to a foundation structure which has a supporting surface receiving a weight of an equipment and has an upper part where the equipment is installed and a lower part where a cable or an oil pipe is installed, thereby preventing an obstacle from being placed on a road for workers. The foundation structure comprises: a base frame having a supporting surface with a predetermined height to receive the weight of the equipment installed in an upper part thereof; and a lower supporter coupled with an upper surface of the base frame to fixate the equipment to prevent the equipment from being moved. According to the present invention, the equipment is installed in the upper part of the foundation structure, and the cable or the oil pipe is installed in a lower part thereof, thereby minimizing interruption for the worker′s passage. Also, the equipment may firmly be supported by the upper part of the foundation structure and the equipment may be fixated without movement or be only released by a simple operation; thereby securing high work efficiency, preventing the equipment from shaking, and preventing accidents from occurring.
  • [专利] Device for transporting and placing a bridge of an offshore oil rig for sea operation onto a floating or stationary structure
    (KR101721706) A device for transporting and placing a bridge (1) of an offshore oil rig onto a floating or stationary mounting structure (3). The device has two parallel floating barges (10) for mounting the bridge (1). Each barge has a set of vertical movement rams (11) that move the bridge between a position of bearing on the barges (10) and a position of bearing on the structure (3). Each barge (10) has at least one assembly (15) for controlling the roll of each barge (10) in relation to the bridge (1) during the placement of the bridge onto the mounting structure (3). The assembly includes at least two rams (16) that are carried by the barge (10) and are located on both sides of the longitudinal axis of the barge (10). Each ram (16) is connected to the bridge (1) by a connecting member (17) that has rigid pull and flexible compression. (From US8753039 B2)
  • [专利] Touch screen panel and display device
    (KR20170015673) This invention about the touch screen panel which changed the structure of the base film and the display device is the thing. The touch screen panel by this invention has routing wiring which are connected to the base film coat touch sensors of flexible quality of material and the touch sensors. The base film from Maine department and Maine department included the tail department which is projected. Maine department included the bezel territory which is arranged to the outside of the active territory where the touch sensors are arranged and active territory. Routing wiring bezel territory and the tail department of Maine department about under the light oil, connected the touch sensors and the terminals which are had to the single step of the tail department.
  • [专利] Method and device for feeding into a smelting unit
    (KR101724268) A process and a device for charging a primary product for pig iron into a smelting unit are provided. According to the process and device, some of the primary product that has been formed by reducing oxidic iron carriers is stored in the hot state in a reservoir tank before being supplied into the storage device or charging device that is directly connected to the smelting unit. (From US8728384 B2)
  • [专利] Shovel and method for controlling shovel
    (KR20150112803) The present invention is to provide a construction equipment capable of preventing a shovel from coming in contact with an object. The shovel comprises: a lower driving unit; an upper rotational unit arranged in the lower driving unit to be able to rotate; an engine installed in the upper rotational unit; a hydraulic pump discharging a hydraulic fluid by a rotational force of an engine; a hydraulic actuator installed in the upper rotational unit; a control device controlling operation of the shovel; and an object detecting device determining a position of the object entering a detection area of the shovel.
  • [专利] Tension alleviation system for blow off preventor of boring facility in the emergency-seperation situation, blow off preventor with the same and reunion method of blow off preventor
    (KR101629197) The present invention relates to an anti-recoil system for a blowout preventer stack of a seabed drilling facility in an emergency-separation situation, including: a tension wire having one end combined with an upper part of a lower marine riser package (LMRP) constituting the blowout preventer stack to lock up an exploded fluid from an oil well during drilling work; a piston which is combined with another end of the tension wire, and is prepared to perform a reciprocating motion in a cylinder; and a seawater inflow tube linked to the outside of the cylinder from a lower space of the cylinder partitioned by the piston. According to the present invention, the anti-recoil system has the effect of being able to suppress a buckling phenomenon maximally by performing load alleviation smoothly as compared to a prior anti-recoil system, while having a fast response speed with a simple configuration as compared to the prior anti-recoil system, and has the effect of preventing collision in case of emergency separation in advance and minimizing impact during recombination of the blowout preventer stack.
  • [专利] Apparatus for Handling Roll
    (KR20170084786) The roll handling equipment is started. Following work conduct example of this invention the roll handling equipment the fixation bracket which is fixed to the lifting equipment, in order to have a length, to be formed the minute description roll, to be inserted to the pipe in the roll center, the phage in order to do, the roll fixation department which is composed, minute description roll fixation addition to be fixed, rotation possibly to the minute description fixation bracket, is combined and from the situation where the central axis of the minute description roll is the ground and perpendicular until the situation which is horizontal about the minute description fixation bracket as for under at least 90 degree rotating the rotary bracket and the minute description rotary bracket at the time of rotation the height included the rotary drive department.
  • [专利] System and method for controlling braking of electric vehicle
    (KR101755458) The present invention relates to a braking control system for an electric vehicle, capable of preventing a loss of a braking force using a smart cruise control system in an electric vehicle on which the smart cruise control system is mounted, and a method for the same. According to the embodiment of the present invention, the braking control method for an electric vehicle having the smart cruise control system includes: a step of detecting a braking demand of a user while a braking control is performed by a smart cruise controller; a step of removing the braking control performed by the smart cruise controller and maintaining a braking rate by the smart cruise controller when the braking demand of the user is detected; a step of calculating a demand braking rate in accordance with the braking demand of the user; and a step of performing the braking control using the demand braking rate and the braking rate maintained by the smart cruise controller.