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  • [专利] Hydraulic tube for vehicle
    (US9746111) A hydraulic tube for a vehicle may include a pipe having a pipe rib which may be formed integrally on and protrudes outward from a terminal end of the pipe, a connector fitted around the pipe such that the pipe extends through opposite ends of the connector, and a sealer fitted into a first end of the connector, a first end of the sealer being coupled with the terminal end of the pipe through coupling with the pipe rib, and a second end of the sealer being coupled with the first end of the connector.
  • [专利] Direct timing system for internal combustion engine
    (US20150198068) The object of this invention is to simplify the timing system of all types of internal combustion engine. The system eliminates existing conventional timing trains. The hydraulic, mechanical or electrical/electronic direct timing systems that form the subject of the invention offer minimal resistance and minimal transmission. The piston strokes are given directly by the crankshaft by means of a system fixed thereto which via a mechanical or hydraulic or electrical or electronic system transmits the strokes to the cylinder valves. The system can be connected to all types of indirect transmission and has adjusting systems that allow it to be adapted to suit all types of internal combustion engine.
  • [专利] Subsea containment separator
    (US20160160614) An open water capture device comprising: a subsea collector and a subsea containment separator connected to the subsea collector, wherein the subsea containment separator comprises a top surface, a bottom surface, an outer surface, a riser comprising a diffuser section, wherein the riser penetrates the bottom surface of the subsea containment separator, and a baffle, wherein the baffle defines a first concentric annular region and a second concentric annular region.
  • [专利] Fluid pressure transmission pill
    (US8927466) A pill for wellbore operations, that includes a base fluid; and at least two polymers that interact to form a gelatinous structure characterized as isolating and controllably transmitting hydrostatic pressure between a first wellbore fluid above the pill in a wellbore and a second wellbore fluid below the pill in the wellbore is disclosed.
  • [专利] Solvent borne coating composition having improved brushability and process for producing coatings therefrom
    (US9273216) A solvent borne brushable coating composition and process for using the same are provided. The composition includes a crosslinkable component having one or more polymers having two or more crosslinkable groups a crosslinking component comprising one or more crosslinking agents having crosslinking groups; and 2 weight percent to 50 weight percent of drying oil comprising linseed oil, tung oil, poppy seed oil, perilla oil, walnut oil or a combination thereof. When a layer a pot mix resulting from mixing of the crosslinkable and crosslinking components is brush applied over a substrate, it has a low brush drag while providing desired coating properties, such as high gloss and rapid cure even under ambient conditions. The solvent borne brushable coating compositions is well suited for use in automotive refinish applications.
  • [专利] Variable diameter pipe clamp apparatus and torque module therefore
    (US9359839) A combination for making up and breaking out pipe at an oil rig site includes a torque module and at least one pipe clamp apparatus. The torque module includes a pair of hydraulic motors, a torque transmission driven by the motors, a herringbone gear segment driven by the transmission to rotate the torque module, and a pair of clamp cylinders actuated by the transmission. The at least one pipe clamp apparatus is actuated by at least one of the clamp cylinders to apply a uniform gripping load around a pipe that is pipe diameter independent.
  • [专利] Methods for maintaining or improving health, well-being and/or a physiological function in a subject
    (US9446007) The invention relates to a method of treating or preventing a condition in a subject, comprising administering to the subject an acceptable composition comprising meglumine or a salt thereof. The invention further relates to a method of improving a physiological function in a subject, comprising administering to the subject an acceptable composition comprising meglumine or a salt thereof.
  • [专利] Lipid composition
    (US20150133417) We describe lipid based pharmaceutical compositions adapted for oral delivery and optionally delivery in accordance with a circadian rhythm.
  • [专利] Method for producing heavy oil
    (US20150107834) A method is provided for production of heavy oil from a reservoir containing heavy oil, the method including the steps of: providing a plurality of wells into the formation; injecting into the plurality of wells a mixture comprising steam and a solvent; ceasing injection of the mixture; producing a mixture of heavy oil, solvent and condensed steam from the plurality of wells after injection of steam has ceased: and after production of the mixture of heavy oil, solvent and condensate from at least one of the plurality of wells has declined to a predetermined rate, injecting into the at least one well a stream consisting essentially of steam while at least one other well continues to operate as a producing well.
  • [专利] Compositions comprising an amide moiety containing polyol
    (US8957177) The present invention is directed to a composition comprising an amide moiety containing polyol wherein the amide moiety is formed by the reaction of an amine reactive compound with an amine containing compound.