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  • [专利] Composition of gel-gel type comprising stabilized polymer particles
    (WO201697349) The present invention relates to a composition, especially a cosmetic composition, comprising: at least one aqueous phase gelled with at least one hydrophilic gelling agent, said hydrophilic gelling agent being at least one nonionic associative polymer, and at least one oily phase gelled with at least one lipophilic gelling agent, said lipophilic gelling agent being at least one hydrocarbon-based block copolymer, said oily phase also comprising at least one hydrocarbon-based oil and particles of at least one polymer surface-stabilized with a stabilizer; said phases forming therein a macro scopically homogeneous mixture; and said composition also comprising at least one hydrocarbon- based resin with a number-average molecular weight of less than or equal to 10 000 g/mol; and pentylene glycol. The present invention also relates to a process for preparing the same and to cosmetic processes for making up and/or caring for a keratin material, and also to the use of a dispersion of particles of at least one polymer surface-stabilized with a stabilizer in a non-aqueous medium containing at least one hydrocarbon-based oil, for preparing a mascara composition.
  • [专利] Wellbore plug isolation system and method
    (WO201625048) A wellbore plug isolation system and method for positioning plugs to isolate fracture zones in a horizontal, vertical, or deviated wellbore is disclosed. The system/method includes a wellbore casing laterally drilled into a hydrocarbon formation, a wellbore setting tool (WST) that sets a large inner diameter (ID) restriction sleeve member (RSM), and a restriction plug element (RPE). The WST is positioned along with the RSM at a desired wellbore location. After the WST sets and seals the RSM, a conforming seating surface (CSS) is formed in the RSM. The CSS is shaped to engage/receive RPE deployed into the wellbore casing. The engaged/seated RPE isolates heel ward and toe ward fluid communication of the RSM to create a fracture zone. The RPE's are removed or left behind prior to initiating well production without the need for a milling procedure. A large ID RSM diminishes flow constriction during oil production.
  • [专利] Hybrid work vehicle
    (WO201606718) A hydraulic shovel is provided with an electric motor, an electric device (7), a cooling fan (2), a partition member (30), and a cooling unit (3). The electric device (7) is electrically connected to the electric motor. The cooling fan (2) generates cooling air. The partition member (30) has a ventilation path (30a) for guiding the cooling air. The cooling unit (3) is disposed so as to close off the ventilation path (30a). The cooling unit (3) has first and second cooling devices (31, 32). The first cooling device (31) cools a medium for the electric device (7). The second cooling device (32) is disposed to the side of the first cooling device (31).
  • [专利] Dual bore co-mingler with multiple position inner sleeve
    (WO2017160278) A system for controlling flow and access in multilateral completions is disclosed. The system includes a flow control sub having a single bore portion and a dual bore portion with a sleeve disposed therein. The flow control sub further includes a channel in an inner cylindrical surface, and the sleeve includes protrusions configured to engage the channel, which may be extendable. The channel provides paths for the protrusions between three different positions where two positions allow access to one or the other bore of the dual bore portion and a third position allows flow from both bores of the dual bore portion to co-mingle and enter the flow control sub. A run-in tool may be used to engage the sleeve and apply a pulling or pushing force to move the sleeve along the various channel paths to control flow through the flow control sub.
  • [专利] Spray apparatus having double vessel structure with non-metal outer and inner vessels
    (WO201656714) The present invention relates to a spray apparatus having a double vessel structure with non-metal outer and inner vessels, comprising: an inner vessel of a non-metal material that is filled with contents to spray the contents using a compressed gas; a valve housing having a lower housing portion to which an inner vessel inlet of the inner vessel is coupled; a spring coupled to the inside of the valve housing; a stem resiliently supported by the spring in the valve housing; a mountain cup that has a cap part coupled to an upper housing portion of the valve housing, an inbound caulking part integrally formed with the cap part, and an outbound caulking part formed on the exterior of the inbound caulking part; and an outer vessel having an outer vessel inlet that is coupled using one of the inbound caulking part and the outbound caulking part, or is coupled through double seaming using the inbound caulking part and the outbound caulking part.
  • [专利] Enrichment of triterpene esters
    (WO201547187) A new process for enrichment of triterpene esters, said process comprises the steps of: a) providing a mixture comprising a non-distilled vegetable oil and/or a non-distilled vegetable fat, further comprising triterpene esters, b) performing a mild transesterification with a lower alcohol, c) removing lower alcohol esters by deodorisation, physical refining, evaporation or distillation, and recovering the remaining fraction rich in triterpene esters. Triterpene esters enriched with the method as well as uses of the same are also provided. One advantage is that it is a more economically viable way of achieving higher concentration of TTP esters. There is both the chance to fully keep the natural distribution of TTP esters but in the other end also to replace the natural level of cinnamic and acetic acids-TTP esters with a high level of long fatty acid TTP-esters.
  • [专利] Liquid concentrate of a strength retrogression additive
    (WO201648285) A liquid concentrate for use in a well that penetrates a subterranean formation comprising: a base liquid; and a strength retrogression additive, wherein the strength retrogression additive consists of particles of silicon dioxide containing crystalline regions, wherein the liquid concentrate has an activity of at least 40%. A method of cementing in a subterranean formation comprising: providing the liquid concentrate; forming a cement composition by adding a predetermined volume of the liquid concentrate to at least cement and water; and introducing the cement composition into the subterranean formation.
  • [专利] Algorithm for optimal icd configuration using a coupled wellbore-reservoir model
    (WO201516932) The disclosed embodiments include a method, apparatus, and computer program product for improving production of an oil well. For example, one disclosed embodiment includes a system that includes at least one processor and at least one memory coupled to the at least one processor and storing instructions that when executed by the at least one processor performs operations for generating a model of a wellbore in a wellbore simulator. The at least one processor further executes an algorithm that determines optimal parameters for inflow control devices (ICD) along a horizontal portion of the wellbore. The determined optimal parameters of the inflow control devices would yield a substantially uniform approach of at least one of water and gas along the horizontal portion of the wellbore.
  • [专利] Downhole detection
    (WO2014199179) A method for use in or for detecting a downhole feature in a well comprises transmitting an electromagnetic signal from a first position located substantially at or adjacent to surface through a first space to the downhole feature. The method further comprises receiving an electromagnetic signal at a second position located substantially at or adjacent to surface after reflection of the transmitted electromagnetic signal from the downhole feature and after propagation of the reflected electromagnetic signal through a second space. The method may comprise sealing the well before transmitting the electromagnetic signal. Such a method may be used to detector determine a distance from surface to a downhole feature such as a fluid interface in a completed production, injection or observation well.
  • [专利] Lubricating composition comprising thioether-substituted phenolic compound
    (WO201783243) Thioether-substituted phenols that are the reaction product of a thioether-substituted alcohol or thioether-substituted amine and a phenol with at least one pendant acyl group and have a ratio of sulfur groups to phenol groups of at least 1:1 and uses for thioether-substituted phenols. Methods of lubricating an internal combustion engine by contacting the internal combustion engine with a lubricating composition comprising a thioether-substituted phenol. Methods of reducing deposit formation and/or corrosion in an engine using a lubricating composition comprising a thioether-substituted phenol.